At Sustain.ly we believe people are at the centre of sustainable development. The bedrock of sustainable development is human rights. That includes the right to full development, gender equality, women’s empowerment, a just and fair society, strong communities and safe, clean and sustainable environments. To fulfill citizens individual and collective rights, people must have a say in their own development. Communities need to be networked, competent, informed, well-organized and capable of taking action to progressively advance their development.

Christine Anne Norton
International and Independent Development Consultant


: - Development Policy Analysis and Monitoring
: - Adaptive Strategic Planning
: - Project and Programme Management
: - Situation Analysis
: - Gender Assessment and Capacity Building
: - Community Engagement
: - Monitoring and Evaluation
: - Public Education on Sustainable Development

Human Rights

We stand for a just and fair society,
strong communities and safe, clean
and sustainable environments without discrimination.

Adolescent and Youth Development

At adolescence, many milestones
must be met in order to ensure
optimal physical health, emotional
health, and identity formation.

Cultural Development

We support local government in it's
role of assisting and resourcing local
communities to make and express
their own culture.

Community Development
For Well-being

Promoting social and economic value
with private sector partners focusing
on influencing change and innovating
ideas with people

Gender Equality

We believe that gender equality and
women's empowerment isn't a part of
development but the core of

Life Skills Programme Development

Training life skills like personal skills,
interpersonal skills, leadership skills,
learning skills, presentation skills,
writing skills, numeracy skills. etc



Sustain.ly Social Sector Development Solutions, a development consultancy service in Trinidad, the University of Washington in Seattle and the Caribbean Youth Environment Network proposes to innovate a more effective and efficient approach to Health and Family Life Education in the Caribbean suited for the era of Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Name of Project: Cities Alliance Programme, United Nations Operations Centre (UNOPS)

Independent Technical Assessor and Evaluator

Period of Project:
17 January 2017 to 16 January 2019

Area 1:
Technical Assessment of projects within Analytic and Strategic Activities and Country Programs in accordance with criteria, standards and methods and development and provision of recommendations to strengthen proposals.

Area 2:
Serve as an expert panel member of the External Evaluation Panel which assists cities Alliance Secretariat in assessing the quality of the concept notes, rating, ranking and providing detailed recommendations for improvement

Area 3:
Evaluation of projects and programs as part of monitoring and evaluation, quality and learning processes.

Membership in Associations

2016 to present:
Board Member (Special Projects) - Trinidad and Tobago Photographic Society (ttps Lifetime Member) - Note: ttps is in lowercase

2016 to present:
Member of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT)

2009 to present:
Member, Trinidad and Tobago National Trust

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